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3007 Vilano Beach looking North3008 Vilano Beach looking North3009 Vilano Beach looking North5690 El Galeon 450th arrival8463 Pelicans & Royal Terns on the beach18. Sand Dunes at St Augustine Beach (1)20. St Augustine Beach Pier - Aerial 294726. Dec '17-Sand Snowman at St Augustine Beach0337 Sand dunes with Umbrellas0339 Sea Oats & Sand Dunes0353 Dunes at St Augustine Beach1635 Sea Oats & dunes at St Augustine Beach2020-03 Schooner Freedom 9804-Hird,J2020-06 Sand Dune 8581-Hird,J2974 Sea Oats St Augustine Beach3010 Vilano Beach Simmering ocean-HirdJ4710 Sand snowman4710 Sand snowman with greeting6297 Micklers Landing Ponte Vedra BeachSAMPLE 2019 St Augustine Calendar-JH10