Photography by Jackie Hird | Greetings Cards
Drakes Raid-Hird,J-0904Drakes Raid-Hird,J-0903Drakes Raid-Hird,J-0905Drakes Raid-Hird,J-0906Drakes Raid-Hird,J-0907Drakes Raid-Hird,J-0908Drakes Raid-Hird,J-0909Gazebo, Christmas tree & Cathedral 7193Christmas tree from Gazebo 7201aGazebo at Christmas 7213aLightner, Nights of Lights 9189Inside Lightner - NOL 3983Lightner with horse & carriage 4071Flagler College from Balcony 08562132-Lightner Museum3884 St Photios reception and boat ride6266 St Photios Pilgrimage Banquet-Hird,J6267 St Photios Pilgrimage Banquet-Hird,J4162 Lightner NOL-Hird,J4626 Plaz & tree NOL-Hird,J