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6214 Temple Bet Yam-Hird,JGazebo, Christmas tree & Cathedral 71930893 Ordinary People Exhibit-Hird,J8830 Chaulpa Christening @ FOY-Hird,J9005 Founders Day 2014-Hird,J1680 Mayors Holiday Lighting Gala 20144593 Obelisk Art reception-Hird,J4077 El Galeon arrival - Hird,J-27250 450th cake cutting-Hird,J1886 Spyglass #8-Hird,J8544 KIng & Queen of Spainin St Augustine-Hird, JBritish Night Watch-Hird,J-971760-Bayfront Wall at Sunrise4x6-Hird,j2942-Castillo at sunset-Hird,J0862 Mission cross at Sunrise over marsh - Hird,JMission cross at sunset HDR 8397Cathedral Place - 14304259 Lightner NOL-Hird,J-Edit4162 Lightner NOL-Hird,J7405 San Pelayo replica presented to St Augustine-Hird,J