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0037 Bridge of Lions Sunset-Hird,J4626 Plaz & tree NOL-Hird,J1760 Bayfront Wall at Sunrise 4 x 62132-Lightner Museum1760 Bayfront Wall at Sunrise1760-Bayfront Wall at Sunrise4x6-Hird,jBridge of Lion with Moon-Hird,J8399 British Nightwatch Musket Firing0856 Flagler College from Balcony7193 Gazebo, Christmas tree & Cathedral7193 Gazebo, Christmas tree & Cathedral4071 Lightner with horse & carriage9189 Lightner, Nights of Lights1702 Old Bridge of Lions at sunrise7485 St Augustine Alligator Farm7773 St Augustine Amphitheatre7775 St Augustine Beach & Pier-Hird,J7469 St Augustine Lighthouse & grounds7469 St Augustine Lighthouse & Keepers House