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0037 Bridge of Lions Sunset-Hird,J4626 Plaz & tree NOL-Hird,J1760 Bayfront Wall at Sunrise 4 x 62132-Lightner Museum1760 Bayfront Wall at Sunrise1760-Bayfront Wall at Sunrise4x6-Hird,jBridge of Lion with Moon-Hird,J8399 British Nightwatch Musket Firing0856 Flagler College from Balcony7193 Gazebo, Christmas tree & Cathedral7193 Gazebo, Christmas tree & Cathedral4071 Lightner with horse & carriage9189 Lightner, Nights of Lights9189 Lightner Museum with pedro Menendez statue during Nights of Lights1702 Old Bridge of Lions at sunrise7485 St Augustine Alligator Farm7773 St Augustine Amphitheatre7775 St Augustine Beach & Pier-Hird,J7469 St Augustine Lighthouse & grounds