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0455 MIssion & Shrine-Hird,J-HDR0796 Memorial Day Flags-Hird,J1080 Bridge of Lions 1080 4x62105 Lightner fountain & Menendez statue7276 Peacock at the Fountain of Youth4356 Government House-Hird,J0906 Carriage in front of Lightner1080-Bridge of Lions with Lamp3028 Aerial of St Augustine Lighthouse-Hird,J3077-Aerial Castillo de San Marcos-Hird,J3085 Aerial of Castillo de San Marcos3884 St Photios reception and boat ride4356 Government House5760 El Galeon 450th arrival-HIrd,J5328 Aviles Street9058 Downtown from LH10. Carriage on Bayfront with El Galeon2691 Schooner Freedom3873 Bridge of Lions with observation deck